Tuesday, 31 March 2009



Howdy and welcome back to the Crazy Legs Jones blog.

Some sucess in terms of getting some training in and I have just returned from a jaunt around the lovely Thetford Forest on my bike and did some ten miles of single track cycling. Due to the recent weather last week this will undoubtebly end up in me leaving muddy clothes and a trail of mud around the house much to Louise my wife's annoyance.

Anyway also managed a 5 mile ish run in just over fory minutes so this was also good. I return to the gym tomorow and will need to ensure that my sequinned lycra runnig shorts are available but it shoud end up in me doing the full 10k or six miles in the UK on the treadmill which just happens to be the most boring ways to do it but allows for good diatnce meausurement and a good bench marking for times.
Now that we have entered the bliss that is Brittsh Summertime I am hoping to get out there more over the next few weeks which will be great. Well that's all follks for now and will update a again soon.
Ta Ta Sports Fans.

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  1. Jones, remind me to show you how to put photos on so they can be made bigger, and let's do some photos of you!