Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Day 2

Day 2

Today's training was put on hold due to urge to eat a greasy big fry up in frustration at the very painful fifty pence sized blister which is still the cause of much fascination at it's size and contempt that it has not yet ceased in making me walk like Egor.

However in the modern age in which we live I am now enjoying the comfort of the Thousand Mile socks ( The sugeestion for the socks came from Amelia who works with my wife Louise so cheers Amelia capital suggestion).......the socks were created by sports scientists to ensure that I do not get another one but also they have padding to ensuring that my limp whilst blister infected is at least limited.

Tomorrows intention is to get back onto the metaphorical running horse and start again. This has become ever more important for two reasons really.

Firtsly the urge to ensure peak fitness to ensure that I am able run round kings Lynn as quickly as possible and the fact that four very kind people have now sponsored me at the following web page so a big huge thanks to those who have done this so far you know who you are.

Secondly I now have some brand new sports clothing to try out so not only will I be training again but will be looking good whilst doing so...... although perhaps only in my head.

Anyway enough of this guff already as Forest Gump Said "I just felt like running"

I am sure that there is no one that can wait for tomorow's thrillng installment this is the blog eveyone's talking about it.

Until tomorow then......

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