Thursday, 26 March 2009

Day 3

Day 3

Success.. I am now not with blister as the inevitable happened yesterday. I think this is one of those Kennedy moments.. where were you when it happened? Perhaps I exaggerate a little but thankfully I am now able to get out there and pound the streets looking cool whilst I do it.
Alas there was no fanfare or Hong Kong Fuey style ticker tape. As I left the house for my first run of the campaign there was just that horrible light rain that soaks you through although it never appears to fall hard enough to do so... weird. Anyway I braved the elements and went out on a short but brisk RUN......YIPPPEEEE.

I think today I covered 3.5miles which is not a huge distance but just enough to feel like a run so that's good. It was measured officially by my trusty sports watch as 25.38 minutes.
However I need to begin to return to the indoor Lycra hell that is the gym which has been useful over the winter to keep things ticking over. This I am sure will help improve things alongside getting into in the routine of being able to run again.
Tomorow could well be another day of lost training due to a friend coming to town so I may not now run again until Sunday or Monday but will endeavour to update you on all things Crazy Legs Jones related in between.
Again I have had more money posted at so again a big huge thanks to all that have done this so far and to all those that may well do so in the future you're all great.
Anyway DONT PUSH ME ADRIENNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I trust I leave all waiting with bated breath for the next episode.
Until then it's goodbye from me and from him.

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